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Photonics Workbench TM Enterprise Edition

Introducing the Photonics Workbenchâ„¢ design suite. A fiber system design and simulation software that is ever evolving to meet the needs of your industry.

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Photonics Workbench TM              Net Edition

From transform limited pulse design to SRS and Q-Switch operation. Utilize the power of our servers by running entire simulations online!           

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Inspired Photonics Professional Services

Need results quickly? Do not have the resources in-house? Give us a call. We provide fast and comprehensive consulting services.


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Fiber System Design and Simulation Software

Download your evaulation copy of Photonics Workbench v2.5 here.

Inspired Photonics, your source for novel and innovative photonics design software.

Inspired Photonics provides you with a quick way to accurately design and verify systems with specialty fiber amplifiers and other optical devices. Tedious, time and resource consuming physical laboratory experiments can now be designed, executed and analysed at a fraction of the cost.

Photonics Workbench increases efficiency, and provides a significant advantage by drawing out years of trial and error experiments in just minutes.

With our products you can:

  • Connect and run experiments seamlessly
  • Deliver high performance optical products
  • Manage complexity